Cover of The Good Lives Model for Adolescents

Published in November 2013, this book explains why we chose to incorporate the Good Lives Model (GLM) into our practice and how we adapted it for work with adolescents. It is both theoretical and practical. By looking at young people more holistically and considering how they might best meet their needs, the focus extends beyond their criminogenic needs, personal skills, and cognitions to encompass and harness the resources that exist externally within their networks and communities. G-map's extensive experience of working with young people who display harmful sexual behavior suggested that aspects of the model would benefit from revision in order to be more applicable to that population.

It describes the journey we have taken to develop a model that has clinical utility specific to the needs of adolescents who display harmful sexual behaviors. Descriptions of the adaptations made and the rationale behind them, how specific parts of the model were implemented with adolescents, the responses of adolescents and practitioners to the model, and the evaluation of the adapted model are covered. This adolescent version of the GLM is empirically grounded and based on six years of clinical work and will appeal to practitioners working with or supporting adolescent who sexually harm.

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